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Community Partnerships - Global FC

Founded in 2013, Global FC (Futbol Community) uses soccer as a vehicle for transformative impact by supporting underserved youth and families with the tools to overcome obstacles to success;  nurturing their talents by providing resources, opportunities and relationships towards a brighter future.  Currently, their various programmings engage and support two hundred and fifty youth from over twenty-four nations.

Global FC began with a vision of providing quality sports opportunities in the Kansas City, Missouri Historic Northeast community.  Their primary activities have extended to include sports programs, academic assistance, mentorship, civic engagement, cultural exchange and family support initiatives.  Their primary focus is centered around youth development, family engagement, and community building.

Their holistic approach harnesses the power of relationships to reduce youth violence and family conflict, strengthen communities, inspire academic success, promote health and wellness and to create mentorship chains.  They strive to promote a culture that emphasizes unity, compassion, love and excellence.

Programs offered by Global FC include:

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GLOBAL FC SOCCER PROGRAM -Global FC has developed a strong, well respected youth soccer program in the Kansas City, Missouri Northeast community, providing over three hundred underserved youth with quality soccer opportunities and access to the best facilities, leagues and tournaments in the city.  Through the Global FC soccer program, they use soccer as an incentive to increase academic and behavioral performance and to build community leaders called Global FC ambassadors.  Coaches, assistant coaches, team mentors, team managers and the rest of the Global FC community impact  the lives of the youth in ways that many times parents and teachers cannot.  Therefore, as school, social and home issues arise; soccer and individuals within the programming play a vital role in directing the situation towards a positive resolution.

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GLOBAL FC GIRL'S ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM - Access to extracurricular activities for refugee and immigrant girls are often restrictred due to cultural and religious barriers.  Parent's expectations for girls being at home and the fear of outside influences has traditionally isolated ambitious and talented young girls from opportunities to develop in sports, social integration, confidence, self-worth and academics.  Global FC's ability to create a foundation of trust and credibility with the many pockets of ethnicities in the Kansas City, Missouri Northeast community has allowed girl's to participate in the programming.

There are currently 50 underserved girls in the program, representing 12 nations.  Sports, leadership, character development, civic responsibility and education are the areas of primary focus.  Strong mentoring chains have developed through their college volunteer base which has served to dramatically increase the family engagement efforts as volunteers have made intentional efforts to gain support of the family unit.

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ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT INITIATIVE - supports Global FC youth in achieving grade level performance in school.  Academic Enrichment Initiative provides high-level academic assistance through small group or one-on-one tutoring at KC public and Charter schools or through home tutoring.  For most of the youth served, English is their second language.  As a combined result of limited language proficiency, lack of prior formal schooling, and low literacy levels within the adult population, these youth are unprepared for the structure and content rigor of the traditional American school system.

This program was initially geared to a diverse group of refugee youth in the Kansas City Northeast community whose families came to this country on refugee status.  This program is now open to any at-risk youth within Global FC programming.  Youth who participate in the program sign a waiver indicating their commitment to complete a minimum of 30 hours of intensive tutoring.

Master's Transportation is proud to partner with Global FC to positively impact and integrate refugee youth and their families through the vehicle of soccer.

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