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Master’s Transportation is one of the leading providers of lease and lease to own passenger transport vehicles. We want to partner with you to ensure these vehicles come back to Master’s at the end of your lease period in excellent condition to become part of used inventory.  Master’s will also handle all of your additional requests including:

  • Graphics added to the outside of your vehicle, including full vehicle wraps
  • Technology Additions:  GPS tracking to monitor route consistency, track passengers counts, pre/post trip inspection to ensure DOT compliance, and maintenance alerts; Surveillance cameras
  • Entertainment Packages:  TVs, DVD player, Wifi enabled for passenger use
  • Vehicle Tag and Titling
  • Training Programs
  • Maintenance Assistance

Our vehicle sizes include passenger vans, school buses, MFSAB’s, passenger shuttles, and full size motor coaches.  Please reach out to us for more details.  We look forward to serving you!

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    Operational Lease

    • Equipment is provided; lessee operates vehicle
    • Licensing options available
    • Vehicles can be wrapped
      • Cannot be painted
    • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet
    • Walk away from your equipment at lease expiration with no obligations
    • Equipment may be purchased at lease expiration as well

    Short Term Lease

    • Equipment is provided; lessee operates vehicle
    • Vehicles arrive licensed and with DOT stickers
    • Delivery available
    • Flexible terms allow for weekly and/or monthly commitments

    TRAC Lease

    • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet
    • Lower rates available due to depreciation being kept by the Lessor
    • Zero down payment available (depending on credit and payment)
    • Purchase your equipment at an agreed upon residual at lease expiration or walk away
    • Sales tax is billed monthly

    Financed Lease

    • Keep the depreciation benefits
    • Preserve your credit line
    • Sales tax is paid at onset of lease
    • You own the equipment at lease expiration by paying as little as $1.00

    Municipal Leasing

    • If you qualify as a municipality, we can offer you extremely low rates because of the tax exempt treatment that is provided to you.
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