Contact Our Rental Policy Specialists at (800) 783-3613

Outlined below are our rental policies related to renting a bus, van, shuttle or school bus through Masters Transportation. If you have questions regarding our policies, please dial 800-783-3613 and we can connect you with one of our rental specialists.

Security Deposit

  • $500 deposit required to hold all vehicles

  • Full refund upon cancellation of the reservation with at least 5-10 day notice

  • Partial refund upon cancellation of the reservation with at least 2-5 day notice

  • Deposit is forfeited if reservation is cancelled within 48 hours of pickup

  • No smoking is allowed inside vehicles.


  • All drivers MUST be 21 years of age or older

  • CDL endorsement is required for any vehicle with 16 or more seats (including the driver’s seat). CDL must also have a passenger endorsement.

  • For 15 or less seats, please check your state/local laws as a CDL endorsement may be required.

  • A copy of the driver’s license will be made for all drivers


  • Required Liability Insurance

    • 15 seats or less: $1,500,000

    • 16 seats or more: $5,000,000

  • Required Physical Damage Insurance

    • $95,000 for 15 passenger shuttles

    • $105,000 for 25 passenger shuttles

    • $105,000 for Mercedes Benz Sprinters

    • $145,000 for 31 passenger shuttles

    • $180,000 for 35 passenger shuttles

    • $115,000 for school buses

  • Must be in the name of the person/organization signing the rental agreement

  • Certificate of Insurance must name MaTran, Inc. – 800 Quik Trip Way, Belton, MO 64012 as:

    • Additionally insured

    • Loss payee

    • Certificate holder

  • Must cover any additional drivers (if more than one driver)


  • Fuel Fee: Assessed when not returned with a full fuel tank

  • Cleaning Fees

    • $50 – Exterior Wash (if returned needing to be washed)

    • $50 – Interior vacuumed (if returned needing interior vacuumed)

    • $100 – Rug/ Upholstery Fee (if returned needing carpet/upholstery cleaning)

    • $300 – Air Purification Fee (if returned needing removal of smoky or foul odors)

  • Fees for damages will be billed to the renter or charged to the CC used for the reservation.

  • Delivery Options are available