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Welcome to the tourism industry's transportation headquarters! We work with a variety of outdoor, adventure, and tourism businesses across the country to help them acquire safe, reliable, and affordable tour buses for their customers.

Master’s Transportation has been an industry leader within the tour bus space for decades. We have a massive selection of new and used tour buses for sale. Master’s Transportation also specializes in high-end motorcoach sales.

If you need a commercial transportation solution for your organization, don’t settle for less – put your trust in the best.

We look forward to connecting you with the perfect purchasing opportunity to meet the needs of your business.

Browse Our New and Used Tour Buses For Sale

With over 15 locations nationwide, Master’s inventory includes dozens of new and used tour buses for sale. These buses are manufactured by some of the most respected names in the industry. Looking for a luxury tour bus for sale? We can help with that, too.

Some of our most popular travel vehicles include:

Mercedes Tour Vans

Our Mercedes Benz tour vans are an excellent transportation solution for smaller, more discerning groups of tourists. These tour vans can comfortably transport up to 15 passengers and are small enough to efficiently navigate even the busiest of cities.

Luxury Tour Buses

Grech Motors luxury buses offer a perfect combination of increased capacity, premium performance capabilities, and the latest luxury features. Tourists that are transported on a Grech Motors luxury tour bus will have a sightseeing experience of a lifetime.

If you're interested in acquiring a vehicle for long-term transportation needs, check out our vehicle inventory catalog, where you'll find a long list of new and used tour buses and tour vans for sale.

Features You’ll Find On Our Tour Bus Inventory

Master’s Transportation’s massive commercial vehicle inventory allows you to buy a tour bus that aligns with your customers’ unique transportation preferences. Our diverse inventory of tour buses and vans includes a wide range of safety, comfort, and performance features.

Tour Bus Safety Features

Some of the key safety features installed on our tour buses for sale may include:

  • Steel roll cages and dual rear wheels
  • Driver-assist alarms, sensors, and cameras
  • Retractable seat belts and grab rails
  • Wheelchair ramps or lifts

Regardless of make or model, all of our vehicles will meet or exceed current safety standards.

Tour Bus Comfort Features

While safety is always our top priority, we also want to ensure that your guests can ride comfortably. That is why our inventory includes buses and tour vans with modern convenience features, such as:

  • LED reading lights
  • Adjustable seating configurations
  • Leather captain’s chairs
  • Overhead and rear luggage storage areas
  • Front/rear heating and AC
  • TVs, stereos, and/or Bluetooth sound systems

All of the comfort and safety features cannot be enjoyed unless your tour bus has the performance equipment to efficiently transport you to your destination. 

Tour Bus Performance Features

When you purchase your vehicle from Master’s you can rest assured knowing that it has high-quality performance equipment, which may include:

  • Expertly maintained gas or diesel engines
  • Hydraulic braking systems
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Multiple engine size options
  • Air suspension systems

Keep in mind that Master’s Transportation can often modify vehicles with unique features to meet the specific needs of your organization. This may include televisions, WiFi capabilities, custom seating, or wheelchair lifts or ramps.

overhead storage and leather seats in luxury tour bus

Premium Quality Coaches for Tours and Travel

The tour vehicles sold by Master’s Transportation can be used for a wide array of applications. Tourism businesses and charter bus companies frequently use our vehicles to transport their clients to landmarks or key venues all across the continental United States. 

Our vehicles are also beneficial for transporting passengers:

  • To and from airports
  • On guided tours
  • On sightseeing tours
  • To natural landmarks like the Grand Canyon
  • To and from outdoor adventure destinations
  • To and from famous theme parks like Disney World

These are just a few examples of the many use cases of our top-quality tour buses.

passengers traveling inside tour bus

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a tour bus from Master's Transportation?

Master’s Transportation uses a low-pressure, consultative sales approach. Our goal is to match you with the right bus or buses to suit your needs. If you would like to learn more about our available inventory, we invite you to browse our online catalog and submit a quote request. You can also contact our sales team by phone for more personalized service.

How much do tour buses cost?

Master’s Transportation’s large inventory allows us to offer extremely competitive pricing on all new and used motor coaches and travel vans. Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry because we receive volume discounts from our long-standing partners in manufacturing.

With that being said, several factors will impact the cost of your bus or van. These factors include the model, age, mileage, equipment package, and financing method you select.

Can I finance a new or used travel bus?

Yes, Master’s Transportation offers several financing and leasing options, including:

  • Operational leases
  • Short-term lease
  • Financed leases
  • Trac leases
  • Purchase financing

Our tour buses can be leased for seasonal or yearly time frames, depending on your needs. 

Leasing is an excellent choice due to the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage, which has limited the in-stock inventory of our tour buses for sale. 

If you are looking for a way to unlock additional savings, take advantage of the Section 179 IRS deduction to reduce your tax obligations.

Do you offer repair services or parts for tour vehicles?

Of course we do! Beyond sales and rentals, we also serve as a reliable partner for tour bus repair and maintenance services, in addition to having access to thousands of parts for commercial vehicles spanning a wide range of makes and models.

How many passengers can a tour bus hold?

The seating capacity of your vehicle will vary greatly depending on which model you choose. For instance, our tour vans typically carry between 10-15 passengers whereas our large motor coaches can accommodate as many as 75 tourists. We also offer intermediate-sized tour buses that can accommodate 15-30 guests.

Do tour bus drivers need a CDL?

Tour bus drivers must possess a CDL if they are operating a vehicle that can accommodate more than 15 passengers. Tour vans or buses that carry 15 passengers or less do not require a CDL to drive.

Can I buy a tour bus that is located in another city or state?

Of course! Master’s Transportation offers nationwide delivery. If you have found the perfect tour bus, but it is located outside of your state of residence, give us a call. We can arrange for the vehicle to be delivered straight to you.

Can I rent one of your tour buses or vans?

Yes! Master’s Transportation is the nation’s largest commercial bus rental company. Whether you need a short-term or long-term rental, we will be glad to assist.