Due to the global semiconductor chip shortage brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been major delays in the automotive industry impacting availability for many of the vehicle types that Master’s Transportation offers to our customers.

As we continue to adapt where possible to the chip shortage, we encourage all of our customers to plan ahead as best they can, especially as increased demand is exacerbating the effects of the shortage even further.

Despite the shortage, Master’s Transportation is still well-positioned to meet your transportation needs thanks to our expansive inventory of new and used commercial vans and shuttles, and through our nationwide rental program which may serve as the perfect solution to your seasonal transportation requirements.

Millions Have Been Affected by the Global Chip Shortage

The severity of the ongoing chip shortage has impacted millions of people and several sectors across the globe. This supply disruption has been enormous for the commercial vehicle industry which relies on semiconductor chips for several aspects of vehicle production including the computer management of engines and driver assistance systems.

Unfortunately, this reality has led to several manufacturers shutting down their factories, laying off workers, and slashing their vehicle production estimates. And while there have been concerted efforts made to begin producing more chips here in the United States, getting these newly proposed plants operational will take time and significant investment.

commercial van production factory shut down

As Vehicle Production Delays Continue, How Can You Protect Yourself?

With chip shortages expected to continue through the remainder of 2021, it’s vital that you take extra precautions now to suitably position yourself for the months ahead. Preparation should include partnering with transportation providers that still possess a large inventory of vehicles, and that have established relationships with manufacturers which can ensure they’ll receive new vehicles faster once chip supplies return to normal. You should also consider rental and leasing options which may help alleviate the pressure on your business as you wait for new vehicle orders to be fulfilled.

Our Rental Program Is Your Solution

Master’s is one of the leading shuttle bus and van rental providers supporting customers nationwide. Our Rental department is your premier and most convenient solution as you wait for your new bus to arrive. Your lease would begin with a shuttle bus or van from our 1000+ vehicle inventory, and would be replaced with a new bus once it arrives from the factory. We will also provide our customers with the same lease price for the rental as the long-term lease. To explore the bus leasing process, we encourage you to contact our specialists at 800-783-3613 today.

commercial vehicles impacted by semi conductor chip shortage

We Are Stocked and Ready to Serve You

With over 500 buses in our current rental fleet and more than 500 in our current inventory, Master’s has over 1,000 vehicles available for our customers. Additionally, we have roughly 800 commercial buses and vans currently on lease which will rotate into availability once those leases reach their end. Needless to say, Master’s stands ready to meet your transportation needs, and we remain committed to helping all of our customers navigate the global chip shortage with as little disruption as possible to their daily operations.

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