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Realities in today’s automotive industry are forcing many businesses to reconsider their options for acquiring safe and efficient transportation solutions for their employees and customers within budget constraints. Limited inventories and bottlenecked supply chains are pushing up prices and reducing selection - making it more difficult to purchase Sprinter vans and other commercial vehicles outright. 

Understandably, Sprinter van leases are becoming an attractive option due to a long list of typical advantages including easier acquisition and lower monthly payments that improve cashflow. Continue reading to learn how Master’s can provide you with an exceptional leasing experience through streamlined processes, premium quality vehicles, and flexible Sprinter van leasing options.

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15 Passenger Mercedes Benz 3500 Sprinter for Lease

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Please check your state/local laws as a CDL endorsement may be required.


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Is It Better to Buy or Lease My Sprinter Van?

Deciding whether to purchase or lease your Sprinter van requires careful consideration of your unique business goals and financial situation.

To get started, review the following advantages for each option and then contact our van leasing specialists to determine the best path forward for your business:

Leasing Advantages

Lower Monthly Payment

Leasing a Sprinter van will typically require a lower monthly payment as compared to a traditional purchase depending on the terms of your leasing contract, the type of vehicle you are leasing, and the length of your term.

Improved Cashflow

Lower upfront costs, lower monthly payments, and reduced ownership commitments can effectively improve your business’ cashflow, allowing you to more freely dedicate capital to other priorities.

Easier to Scale Your Fleet

If your business uses a large number of Sprinters on a regular basis, leasing is often a more effective tactic to scale your fleet and meet temporary business needs without the long term commitments that accompany traditional vehicle purchases.

Generate Revenue Immediately

Getting into your new Sprinter faster via lease will allow you to begin earning revenue with the equipment almost immediately.

Easier to Change Vehicles

Purchasing a new(er) van often requires selling your old van to meet budget needs - a process that introduces plenty of stress and uncertainty. Transitioning out of a leased Sprinter can be as simple as returning the vehicle to our dealership and either letting your old lease expire or signing a new one.

Keep Driving New(er) Vehicles

If you just can’t give up that new car smell, a lease may be the perfect option for you. Once your lease expires at the end of your term, just sign another lease on an updated model to consistently drive a newer Sprinter with the best features.

Get More Features

If you’re a fan of all the “bells and whistles”, you’re sure to enjoy the added feature benefits that come with a lease. Because your monthly payments are typically lower, it can often be possible to acquire a vehicle that has more features than you would have normally been able to afford with a purchase.

Purchasing Advantages

Lower Long-Term Cost

If you plan to drive your Mercedes Sprinter for the long term, purchasing may make better financial sense as you’ll eventually own the asset - and its remaining value - once the loan has been paid in full.

Avoid Restrictions

Lease terms may include mileage and use restrictions that can be avoided when purchasing your van instead. As sole owner of the vehicle you’ll have the freedom to travel as far and often as you like - hauling whatever cargo you choose.

Fewer Contract Requirements

Buying a Sprinter van typically requires fewer contractual requirements compared to a lease aside from the obligations made to your lender.

No Monthly Payment - Eventually…

Once the balance of your vehicle loan has been paid in full you can enjoy the benefits of having no monthly payment. This will allow you to dedicate money toward other business priorities and reduce your transportation budget substantially.

More Customization Options

We expect our leased vans to be returned in a similar condition as when they were initially leased to ensure they can be re-leased or sold at the end of your term. But purchasing your van means that custom wheels, paint jobs, and interior improvements can be added with no limits!

The financing specialists at Master’s Transportation will be happy to help you compare the pros and cons of leasing vs. purchasing, and we’ll provide you with a clear quote comparison between the two options to make your decision easier. Request a quote comparison today.

Our Leasing Process Is Simple and Efficient

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We recognize that for most business owners, the process of acquiring a new vehicle can seem daunting - especially when you are juggling a seemingly endless number of business priorities.

At Master’s Transportation, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a streamlined leasing experience that is designed to effectively balance the goals of:

  • Matching you with the right vehicle(s)
  • Setting the best lease terms based on your unique financial needs
  • Ensuring you understand the specifics of your lease agreement (and clearly explaining confusing leasing terminology)
  • Completing the process as quickly as possible so that you can get back to running your business

To begin the lease process, simply submit our leasing interest form below. Once we receive your form, you can expect the following steps to take place:

  • Our van leasing specialist will contact you directly to outline your specific needs, review available vehicles, and determine term and mileage needs for the duration of your lease.
  • A monthly lease payment will be generated using the criteria noted above.
  • Lease documents will be created and approved by our lease department, and then emailed to you for review and signature within 24 hours.
  • Master’s Transportation will handle your initial vehicle registration (but you will be responsible for annual renewal fees).
  • The Sprinter van will be delivered with a 30-day temporary tag, with a permanent tag arriving at a later date.

We will of course answer any and all questions you may have along the way, and are committed to ensuring this process is simple, efficient, and transparent. Contact our leasing team to learn more.

Sprinter Van Lease and Lease-To-Own Options

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Master’s Transportation is a Sprinter van leasing company that has been working with customers for over 30 years to establish the best financing and leasing programs in the transportation industry.

Each of the leasing programs listed below features unique terms and conditions that are intended to provide you with maximum flexibility in acquiring your vehicle(s) within preferred budget specifications.

Some options can be further negotiated to ensure your lease agreement provides the maximum benefit allowable. We encourage you to speak to our leasing team to explore our various customization options.

Operational Lease

  • Equipment is provided; lessee operates vehicle

  • Licensing options available

  • Vehicles can be wrapped, but not painted

  • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet

  • Walk away from your equipment at lease expiration with no obligations

  • Equipment may be purchased at lease expiration as well

Short-Term Lease

  • Equipment is provided; lessee operates vehicle

  • Vehicles arrive licensed and with DOT stickers

  • Delivery available

  • Flexible terms allow for weekly and/or monthly commitments

TRAC Lease

  • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet

  • Lower rates available due to depreciation being kept by the Lessor

  • Zero down payment available (depending on credit and payment)

  • Purchase your equipment at an agreed upon residual at lease expiration or walk away

  • Sales tax is billed monthly

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Sprinter Van?

The cost (or monthly payment) of your lease will depend on several contract terms which are agreed upon prior to the start of your agreement - some of which are mandatory while others may be negotiable. Key factors which may directly impact your lease cost include, but are not limited to:

  • Year and model of your Sprinter van, with newer/upgraded models typically requiring higher payments
  • Cost of the van, with higher cost vehicles typically requiring higher payments
  • Residual value, which is the agreed upon value of your vehicle at the end of your lease term
  • Length of your lease, which typically ranges from 24-60 months
  • Size of down payment, which is often negotiable and can be flexed to meet your financial needs
  • Mileage requirements, which typically range between 10k to 60k miles per year
  • Your credit rating, with higher credit ratings typically reducing Sprinter van lease rates
  • Interest rate, which fluctuates based on a variety of factors
  • Sales tax rates, which vary by jurisdiction and in some states may not be required
  • Fees and other charges, including return charges, extra mileage charges, excessive damage fees, and other administrative fees
  • Special discounts or offers, which may be available in specific scenarios.

Aside from these direct factors, weighing the true financial impacts of leasing a Sprinter van on your business requires the consideration of other impacts that your lease may have on your bottom line, such as:

  • Revenue generation, referring to the ability for you to begin generating revenue with your equipment within faster timeframes
  • Tax deductions, such as the Section 179 Deduction which may allow you to deduct the full cost of your lease prior to making all monthly payments for the full term
  • Customer satisfaction, which may be impacted positively by using newer and upgraded models on a consistent basis
  • Customer acquisition, which may increase faster with the immediate acquisition of additional vans, and in turn lead to more recurring revenue in the future
  • Cashflow flexibility, which may allow you to earn more income through other revenue channels as a result of lower monthly payments.
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs, which is a benefit of consistently driving newer vehicles which may be under warranty

Accounting for all of these variables can understandably feel a bit overwhelming. Luckily, our leasing team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you accurately assess the full financial impact of your new Sprinter lease. Reach out to us via the form below to get started!

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We're Setting a New Standard for Sprinter Van Leasing Companies

sprinter van leasing company masters transportation

Choosing the right partner with which to enter your Mercedes Sprinter van lease agreement can be a challenge given the long list of options available on the market.

In recognizing this challenge, Master’s Transportation has worked tirelessly to refine our service and create clear differences from our competitors which allow you to make an easy and confident decision.

Companies across the United States have come to trust us as their sole source for both leases and purchases due to unique benefits that they can’t find anywhere else. Here are just a few of the reasons why working with Master’s is your best bet:

When You Lease from Master's You'll Enjoy:

One-Stop Shopping

Master’s can lease any type, make, and model of van to our customers which essentially offers our customers a one-stop shopping option that streamlines the acquisition process.

Better Quote Comparisons

By offering several financing options in-house, our team can provide you with faster and more accurate quote comparisons that can ensure you make the right decisions the first time.

More Flexible Lease Terms

Where other commercial vehicle dealers may limit your term length options, we can often provide you with flexible terms ranging from 12-72 months.

$0 Down on Most Credits

Avoid burdensome down payment requirements and have more control over your monthly payment amounts.

Lower Monthly Payments

Having and maintaining our extensive used vehicle selection often translates to lower monthly payments for our customers as we can provide higher off-lease residual values.

Lower Fees & Charges

Our nationwide footprint better supports off-lease transactions, helping to reduce fees for excessive damage, wear and tear, mileage, and returns.

Nationwide Service

Our in-house service shops in tandem with our nationwide network of service providers means that timely and affordable repairs and maintenance are often just a phone call away.

Immediate Vehicle Delivery

Our large inventory of commercial vehicles allows us to provide temporary units right away in the event your leased vehicle is not immediately available.

Hassle-Free End-of-Lease

Stop dreading the end-of-lease experience when you take advantage of our seamless extensions, walk-away, and purchase options.

Contact us below to learn more about the Master’s difference, and how you can attain one of our Sprinter vans for lease.

Leasing FAQ

Will my lease require a down payment?

Our Sprinter van leases require the first and last payment down along with a $500 refundable security deposit.

How long will my lease last?

The length of your lease is based on your unique needs. Leases are typically offered in 24 to 60 month time frames.

Is sales tax added onto my lease payment?

Yes, sales tax is included in the monthly lease payment unless your business has sales tax exempt status.

Are there any tax benefits to leasing vs purchasing?

Leasing offers limited additional tax benefit unless you qualify for a municipal lease which typically includes lower rates.

Do I pay interest when I lease a sprinter van?

Yes, interest is calculated into the monthly lease payment. Rates increase and decrease with the market, and higher rates will lead to a higher monthly payment.

Who can drive my leased van?

Being that our leases are generally written to companies, anyone authorized by the company to drive the vehicle is permitted to do so.

Are there any limits as to where I can drive my leased sprinter?

There are no limits as to where our leased vehicles can be driven.

Are there any limits as to how far I can drive my van?

Your lease will include an annual mileage limit. Should you exceed the annual limit a per mile fee will be charged.

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