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Fleet Maintenance

The maintenance portion is designed to be convenient for our customers while increasing safety, reducing or preventing expensive repairs and decreasing equipment and vehicle downtime.

Mobile On-Site Service

Repair trucks come to your business and complete repairs on site on your schedule. Mobile repairs include:

  • FHWA Inspections

  • Preventative maintenance inspections (wet and dry)

  • Electrical diagnostic and repair (lights, batteries, instruments)

  • Brake and rear suspension repair

  • Door repair and back-end equipment

  • Panel patch and minor welding repairs

  • Limited refrigeration repairs

Maintenance Management

Our preventative maintenance system tracks and schedules all PM/DOT maintenance repairs.

We also manage and maintain all PM/DOT documentation.

The maintenance portion of our program is designed to be convenient for our customers while also:

  • Increasing safety

  • Improving vehicle performance

  • Reducing or preventing expensive repairs

  • Decreasing equipment and vehicle downtime

commercial vehicle service center

Service Centers

For major mechanical repairs, we pick up your vehicle, complete the repair at a local service center, and return your vehicle to your place of business.

vehicle roadside assistance operator

Emergency Roadside Assistance

We offer a 24/7 Call Center and Emergency Roadside Assistance is available through the Call Center.

repair service network

Coast-to-Coast Service Network

Our network of repair partners provides you peace of mind and pre-negotiated labor rates across the country.

gps tracking vehicle maintenance

GPS Tracking & Monitoring

Our GPS system provides peace of mind with real time reporting, asset protection systems, fleet health insights and support. Our GPS and Maintenance package packs a lot of value into a small monthly fee.


  • Live Map Via Web or App
  • Detailed Trip History
  • Geofence Alerts
  • Fuel & Odometer Readings


  • Risky Driving Alerts
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Device Tampering Alerts

Provides Insight

  • Fleet Health Dashboard
  • Engine & Battery Alerts
  • Inventory Insight Reports
  • Idle Inventory Exceptions

Master's Complete Care Packages

Preventative Maintenance Package


Preventative maintenance managed by Master’s Complete Care

GPS Package


Access to our GPS program through Master’s Complete Care software.

Total Package


Preventative maintenance AND access to our GPS tracking program.

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