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Within our online vehicle inventory you'll find an unmatched selection of new and used church vans and church buses for sale which all feature nationwide delivery and financing options that are intended to make the process of purchasing your church bus or van as easy as possible.

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Within our vehicle listings below, you'll be pleased to find dozens of new and used church vans and church buses for sale - all of which are manufactured by some of the most respected names in the group transportation industry including Glaval, Ford Transit, Executive Coach, Starcraft, and more. And don't forget that with over 15 locations nationwide, Master’s is able to serve our customers from coast to coast!

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Which Vehicle Type Is Best for Your Church?

If you're having trouble deciding on a specific type of vehicle, we have identified some of the most important benefits of our church shuttle buses, vans, and wheelchair vans below:

Church Shuttle Buses

  • Capacity: Shuttle buses typically offer larger seating capacities compared to vans or wheelchair vans. They can accommodate a higher number of passengers, making them suitable for transporting larger groups of people for events, worship services, or outings.
  • Comfort: Shuttle buses often provide more spacious seating arrangements, offering greater legroom, heigher overhead space, and overall comfort for passengers during longer journeys. They may also include amenities like air conditioning, televisions, heating, and premium seating options.
  • Versatility: Shuttle buses can be versatile in their use, allowing for various seating configurations. The seats can often be rearranged or removed to create more space for different needs, such as transporting equipment or supplies for church events.
  • Accessibility: Shuttle buses are often designed or can be equipped with wheelchair ramps to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. This makes them more inclusive and enables the transportation of a wider range of passengers.
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Church Vans

  • Maneuverability: Vans are generally more maneuverable than larger shuttle buses, making them suitable for navigating through congested areas or tighter parking spaces. They can be advantageous for transportation within urban areas or locations with limited parking availability.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Vans are often more affordable to purchase and maintain compared to larger shuttle buses. They generally have lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs, making them a cost-effective option for smaller churches or those with limited transportation budgets.
  • Easier Operation: While larger shuttle buses may require a CDL to operate, many vans typically do not have this requirement meaning that more members of your church staff may be allowed to operate the vehicle.
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Church Wheelchair Vans

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchair vans are specifically designed to provide easy access and secure transportation for individuals using wheelchairs. They are equipped with either wheelchair lifts or ramps which make it convenient for wheelchair users to board and disembark.
  • Safety and Security: Wheelchair vans include features like wheelchair restraints and securement systems to ensure the safety of passengers with mobility devices. These features provide peace of mind and comply with safety regulations.
  • Inclusivity: Wheelchair vans allow churches to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities, ensuring that they can fully participate in church activities, services, and outings. They promote inclusivity and demonstrate the church's commitment to accessibility.
  • Flexibility: Most wheelchair vans are designed to accommodate both seated passengers and individuals in wheelchairs. This flexibility allows for a mix of transportation needs, accommodating both ambulatory and mobility-challenged passengers. .
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Ultimately, the choice between a church shuttle bus, van, or wheelchair van depends on your specific transportation requirements, budget considerations, and the preferences of your congregation. Our sales team can help you properly assess your church's priorities, capacity requirements, accessibility needs, and available resources before making a decision.

Important Features to Consider When Purchasing Your Church Bus or Van

When buying a bus or van for a church, several important features should be considered. These features can enhance safety, comfort, accessibility, and overall functionality. Here are some of the most important features to consider:

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Seating Capacity

Determine the desired seating capacity based on the average number of passengers your church intends to transport. Consider both the maximum number of passengers and the need for flexible seating arrangements.

Accessibility Features

If your church aims to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges, consider features like wheelchair ramps for easy boarding and disembarking. Ensure that the vehicle meets accessibility standards and regulations.

Safety Features

Look for safety features such as seat belts for all passengers, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), traction control, stability control, airbags, and rearview cameras. These features enhance passenger safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

Maintenance and Serviceability

Consider the ease of maintenance and availability of service centers for the chosen vehicle. Look for manufacturers or models known for their reliability and durability. Access to spare parts and qualified technicians should also be considered.

Maneuverability & Parking

Consider the size and maneuverability of the vehicle, especially if your church is located in an area with limited parking spaces or tight roads. Smaller vans might be more suitable for urban settings, while larger buses may be necessary for accommodating larger groups.

Comfort and Amenities

Consider passenger comfort features such as air conditioning, heating systems, comfortable seating, ample legroom, and proper insulation. Amenities like entertainment systems, USB charging ports, and storage compartments can also enhance the overall experience.

Storage Space

Assess the vehicle's storage capacity to accommodate luggage, equipment, and supplies for church events or outings via rear or overhead luggage and additional storage compartments.

Fuel Efficiency

Evaluate the fuel efficiency of the vehicle to minimize operating costs and reduce environmental impact. Look for models with efficient engines, hybrid or electric options, or alternative fuel capabilities.

Driver Comfort & Visibility

Ensure that the vehicle provides a comfortable driving experience for the driver. Features like adjustable seats, ergonomic controls, good visibility, and assistance systems (e.g., rearview cameras or blind-spot monitoring) can enhance driver comfort and safety.

Budget Considerations

Determine the budget available for purchasing and maintaining the vehicle. Evaluate the initial cost, financing options, insurance costs, and long-term operating expenses, including fuel, maintenance, and repairs.

It is advisable to involve a knowledgeable person or consult with a reputable dealer specializing in church vehicles to ensure that your chosen bus or van meets the specific needs and requirements of your church community. Contact our church bus sales team at (800) 783-3613 for assistance and to also learn about our latest church buses for sale which may not be listed in our online catalog yet!

Safe and Comfortable Transportation for All of Your Church's Events

Church members loading a passenger van with supplies for a food bank.

A church bus can be a valuable asset for a religious community, providing transportation services for various purposes. Here is a list of ways a church might want to use a church bus for transportation:

Sunday Worship

A church bus can transport members of the congregation to and from the church for Sunday worship services, ensuring that everyone has access to transportation regardless of their personal means.

Church Events

Whether it's a retreat, conference, or special event, the church bus can be used to transport participants to and from the venue, making it convenient for members to attend and participate in various church activities.

Youth Group Activities

Your church bus can serve as a means of transportation for youth group outings, such as attending summer camps, visiting other churches, or engaging in community service projects.

Senior Citizen Ministry

Use your bus or van to provide transportation services for senior members who may have difficulty driving or accessing public transportation, enabling them to attend church services, social gatherings, and other events.

Community Outreach

Your church bus or van can be utilized for outreach programs, taking members of the congregation to serve in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, or other community service initiatives, thereby demonstrating the church's commitment to making a positive impact.

Mission Trips

When the church organizes mission trips to other locations or countries, you can transport the mission team to the airport or provide transportation at the destination for outreach activities and local transportation needs.

Choir and Music Ministry

If the church has a choir or music ministry, your bus could be used to transport members to rehearsals, performances, or competitions, ensuring that everyone arrives on time and can participate fully.

Elderly Care Facilities

Bring residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities to the church for religious services, providing spiritual support and fellowship for those who may have limited mobility.

Special Needs Ministry

If your church has a special needs ministry, the bus can accommodate transportation requirements for individuals with disabilities, ensuring their participation in church activities and events.

Educational Programs

Churches often organize educational programs, such as Bible studies or seminars. The bus can transport participants to off-site locations for these programs, offering convenience and accessibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a church bus from Master's Transportation?

We utilize a low-pressure, consultative sales approach. Our goal is to match you with the right vehicle (or vehicle group) to suit your needs. If you would like to learn more about our available inventory, we encourage you to browse our online catalog and submit a quote request. You can also contact our sales team by phone for more personalized service.

How much do your church buses cost?

Master’s Transportation’s large inventory allows us to offer our customers very competitive pricing on all church vans and church buses for sale. Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry because we receive volume discounts from our long-standing vehicle manufactring partners.

With that being said, several factors will impact your vehicle’s cost. These factors may include model, age, condition, mileage, equipment package, and financing options if applicable.

Can I finance a new or used church bus?

Yes, Master’s Transportation offers several financing and leasing options, including:

  • Operational leases
  • Short-term lease
  • Financed leases
  • Trac leases
  • Purchase financing

Many of our church buses can be leased for seasonal or yearly time frames, depending on your needs.

Do you offer repair services or parts for your vehicles?

Yes, we are product to serve as a reliable partner for church bus repair and maintenance services, in addition to having access to thousands of parts for commercial vehicles spanning many different makes and models.

How many passengers can your church buses hold?

The seating capacity of your vehicle will vary greatly depending on which model you choose. For instance, our church vans typically carry between 10-15 passengers whereas our larger church suttles can accommodate as many as 56 passengers.

Do church bus drivers need to have a CDL?

Bus and van drivers must typically possess a CDL if they are operating a vehicle that can accommodate more than 15 passengers. Church vans or buses that carry 15 passengers or less typically do not require a CDL for operation.

Can I buy one of your buses that is located in another city or state?

Of course! Master’s Transportation offers nationwide delivery. If you have found the perfect bus, but it is located outside of your state of residence, give us a call. We can arrange for the vehicle to be delivered straight to you.

Can I rent one of your church buses or vans?

Yes! Master’s Transportation is the nation’s largest commercial bus rental company. Whether you need a short-term or long-term rental, we will be glad to assist.