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Master's Transportation: Preferred Glaval Bus Dealer

Master’s Transportation is one of the nation’s largest commercial bus dealers and proudly provides our clients with access to top bus brands, including cutaway buses manufactured by Glaval Bus.

Glaval’s legacy can be traced back to the 1970s, which is when the bus manufacturer began focusing on producing customized transportation solutions. In 1999, Glaval broke into the shuttle bus manufacturing market.

The company was acquired by Forest River, Inc. just three short years later. This acquisition helped expand Glaval’s reach and accelerated its growth trajectory. Today, Glaval Buses are utilized in many industries, including VIP transportation, senior living, hospitality, leisure, and more.

For many years, Master’s Transportation has been the preferred provider of Glaval Buses for many of these industries. Our sales team has extensive knowledge of Glaval Buses and can help you find the ideal model for your transportation needs.

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Glaval Bus Models for Sale at Master’s Transportation

Over the last two-plus decades, the Glaval name has become synonymous with quality. Glaval differentiates itself from its competitors by offering several “upgrades” as standard features in its bus models. Other brands either charge extra for these upgrades or do not offer them.

Examples of these upgrades include:

  • 5/8” marine grade plywood flooring
  • Floor cove molding
  • 1” x 2” aluminized tube structure with stainless steel exterior fasteners
  • Pressure laminated galvanized steel exterior skin
  • Molded wheel flare with no exposed exterior fasteners

In 2018, Glaval further disrupted the transportation industry by being the first bus manufacturer to offer a five-year, 100,000-mile warranty on all of its vehicles.

Master’s offers several Glaval Buses for sale and routinely rotates our inventory in accordance with customer needs. However, our nationwide inventory virtually always includes the following three models:

Glaval Universal Shuttle Bus

Glaval Universal Shuttle Bus For Sale

If you are looking for a Glaval Universal for sale, Master’s Transportation can accommodate you. Master’s has made the Glaval Universal a staple of our nationwide inventory due to its popularity among our clients.

The Glaval Universal offers a great mix of affordability, durability, flexibility, and safety. This model includes all the upgrades above and is backed by Glaval’s five-year/100,000-mile warranty. Depending on your transportation needs, it is available in several different lengths and floorplans with ADA options available. These floorplans include:

  • 20 foot/up to 17 passengers
  • 22 foot/up to 21 passengers
  • 24 foot/up to 21 passengers
  • 25 foot/up to 25 passengers
  • 27 foot/up to 24 passengers w/rear luggage

All Glaval Universal buses boast an interior width of 93 inches and an interior height of 80 inches. The result is a roomy, comfortable ride for passengers of all sizes.

In addition to having a great suite of standard features, the Glaval Universal can also be equipped with various performance and convenience upgrades. A few examples include heavy-duty anti-slip running boards, overhead luggage racks, a fire suppression system, belt cutters, and much more.

Glaval Legacy Luxury Bus

Glaval Legacy Luxury Shuttle Bus For Sale

To accommodate customers looking for a more luxurious transportation solution, Master’s Transportation has Glaval Legacy buses for sale. The Glaval Legacy is built on a Freightliner S2C chassis, which provides a smooth and stable ride for VIP passengers.

The Legacy is available in the following lengths and capacities with ADA options available:

  • 32 foot/up to 33 passengers
  • 36 foot/up to 39 passengers
  • 40 foot/up to 45 passengers

The Glaval Legacy is built with straight sidewalls and solid one-piece front and rear fiberglass caps. It can be equipped with a black padded vinyl interior, audio/visual equipment including USB’s and monitors, and other features designed to improve its aesthetics.

Glaval Concorde II Shuttle Bus

Glaval Concorde II Shuttle Bus For Sale

When browsing Master’s Transportation’s inventory, it's likely that you will encounter a Glaval Concorde II for sale.

Currently, Master’s Transportation offers the Glaval Concorde II, the second generation of this dependable transportation solution. The Concorde II is built on a rugged F650 frame and is available with either a 7.3L gas or 6.7L diesel engine. The Glaval Concorde II is available in three different lengths and passenger capacities, which are as follows:

  • 32 foot/up to 33 passengers
  • 36 foot/up to 39 passengers
  • 40 foot/up to 45 passengers

Like the Universal, the Concord II has an internal width of 93 inches and a height of 126 inches. However, it is also available in a 102” wide-body version.

Glaval offers many different convenience, performance, and safety upgrades for the Concorde II as well - including ADA options. In total, there are well over 50 different optional upgrades available.

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How Do I Purchase a Commercial Bus Made By Glaval?

Ready to purchase a Glaval bus? If so, you will enjoy Master’s Transportation’s unique, consultative sales approach. When you contact one of our experienced sales agents, they will take the time to understand your transportation needs. They will help you identify the Glaval bus that meets your needs and budget.

If one of our Glaval buses has already caught your eye and you want to learn more, submit a quote request online or call our sales team at 800-783-3613. One of our specialists will ensure that the purchasing process is seamless and enjoyable.

Not sure which vehicle is right for you? Don’t worry, as our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you in finding the ideal transportation solution for your organization. We will discuss all available financing options, warranties, and other relevant information so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

We offer nationwide delivery, so don’t hesitate to contact us, even if your Glaval bus is located in a different state.

Financing Options

As the premier Glaval bus dealer in the nation, Master’s Transportation can offer exceptional Glaval bus pricing. We receive volume discounts from Glaval due to the number of buses we purchase from them.

When you're considering whether to purchase or lease a Glaval bus, remember that Master’s Transportation has many different financing options. These options include:

  • Operational lease
  • Short term lease
  • Financed lease
  • Trac lease
  • Purchase financing

Our Glaval inventory can be leased for seasonal or yearly time frames, depending on your needs. Leasing may be a great option for your organization as it allows you to scale your fleet for short periods without committing to a long-term expense. This may be especially beneficial now in light of the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage, and the crisis in Ukraine impacting the transportation industry.

When exploring your financing options, make sure to take advantage of Section 179 IRS deductions to maximize your savings.

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Looking for Glaval Bus Parts or Repair?

Master’s Transportation is also your Glaval bus service headquarters. We have several in-house service centers and a nationwide network of repair providers. Our team can assist with upgrades, routine maintenance, and major repairs.

The Master’s staff of certified mechanics are incredibly well-trained and have an abundance of experience working on top Glaval models like the Concorde II, Legacy, Universal, and many others.

Master’s has partnered with Glaval bus parts manufacturers across the country to ensure that we can get the parts you need when you need them. We can obtain parts like seating, bumpers, windows, lighting, body parts, panels, safety components, and hard-to-find items.

If you need a trusted fleet management partner for your Glaval buses, Master’s Transportation is the clear choice. Contact us today to learn more.