Successful companies realize that a team of employees is more than just a collection of individuals. Instead, collective experiences and cooperative problem-solving can turn a group into a team

Because of their extensive benefits, professional team building events are more popular than ever before. Get your group thinking like a team from minute one by traveling together to your next team building activity.

Group transportation for team building has a wide range of advantages, including:

  • A safer commute to the team building venue
  • More cost-effective when compared to traveling in multiple vehicles
  • Removing the stress of vehicle coordination
  • And of course – team building!

When you are in need of corporate transportation for team building activities, make a reservation with Master’s Transportation.

Simplify Your Team Building Event Planning

Simplifying your transportation is arguably the most substantial benefit when you rent a bus for team building events. Rather than spending valuable time coordinating a large number of vehicles and drivers, keep it simple. 

Securing group transportation for team building eliminates the possibility for employees to be late or to get lost on the way to the venue. Renting a single mode of transportation for corporate team building also helps you to implement a convenient pick-up and drop-off schedule for your employees.  

When you are planning activities that encourage you to think like a team, it’s important to travel like one, too. Having a shared mode of transportation for your entire team allows you to plan a single, predictable route to and from the venue. Additionally, renting a vehicle that can accommodate your entire group will cut down on the stress associated with hectic or confusing parking situations.

When you need to rent a shuttle for team building, make it easy. Ensure that your team will arrive at the venue happy and ready to learn. Simplify your travel planning with Master’s Transportation.

Group Transportation Increases the Team’s Time Together

corporate team riding in shuttle bus

Another enormous benefit of group transportation for team building is the shared experience of the ride. One of the most important principles of a team building exercise is to allow the team to draw on common experiences. 

Rather than riding separately in their own vehicles, sharing a mode of transportation allows the team building process to begin before you even reach the venue. Employees can have conversations during the ride. Beyond just one-on-one communication, the entire team can be involved in discussions. This helps to develop camaraderie amongst your group members.

When you rent a van for team building activities, everyone sees, hears, and experiences the same things during the commute. This reinforces foundational team building principles.

Group Transportation for Team Building is Safer

Safety is one of the utmost concerns for any professional outing. Anytime you transport employees, it is crucial to take every possible precaution. 

Asking employees to travel in their own vehicles can leave you open to a number of potential safety liabilities. A few examples include:

  • Traffic collisions or injuries for individual drivers
  • Flat tires
  • Running out of gas
  • Mechanical and electrical problems for individual cars

Many studies have shown that traveling by bus is typically safer than riding in passenger cars. Larger vehicles also offer more visibility on roadways. Heavier vehicles ensure that passengers experience less crash force in the case of a collision, too.

Regardless, taking responsibility for the safety of your employees is absolutely vital. Drivers should always be alert, well-rested, and have some experience in operating larger vehicles with multiple passengers.

Passengers must wear seat belts at all times and drivers should reinforce this rule before departure. The shuttle buses and vans offered by Master’s Transportation boast a number of modern safety features. Newer models include features like:

  • Active break assist
  • Active distance assist
  • Blind spot detection
  • Traffic sign assist
  • Electronic stability
  • Collision prevention assist
  • And more

These state-of-the-art features will help to ensure that your team arrives safely and conveniently at their final destination.

employee fixing flat tire on personal vehicle

Cost Benefits

Safety and bonding are not the only benefits when you choose group transportation for team building activities. The cost to rent a van for company events is often lower than having employees drive separately. Typically, luxury vans and small shuttles are available for $250 to 350 per day. 

Securing group transport can reduce the following travel expenses:

  • Fuel
  • Highway tolls
  • Event parking 
  • Event entry fees

Asking employees to pay for the cost of travel to a team building event may be counterproductive. Rather than bringing your team together, offloading travel costs onto individuals may cause your group to be less team-oriented.

Filing and processing expense reports for multiple employee vehicles is another cost of travelling separately.

Vehicle Options

At Master’s Transportation, we offer a wide range of vehicles for commercial use. These include:

  • Passenger Vans
    • Available for 6 to 15 passengers
    • Affordable rental cost with fewer luxury features
    • Up to 15 people (including a driver)
    • Optional wheelchair lift
  • Luxury Sprinter Vans
    • Accommodates 12 to 15 passengers
    • The Mercedes Benz Sprinter offers entertainment and comfort features that will amaze your employees
    • Available at a slightly higher price point than standard passenger vans
  • Small Shuttle Buses
    • Accommodates 12 to 15 passengers
    • Offers a spacious interior with a high roof and wide center aisles
    • Priced in between a standard passenger van and a luxury Sprinter
    • Optional wheelchair lift
  • Large Shuttle Buses
    • Available for 16 to 40 passengers
    • Requires a CDL to operate
    • Various options for luggage and equipment storage
    • Wide center aisles and high ceilings
  • School Buses
    • Accommodates 40+ passengers
    • Most cost-effective option for larger teams
    • Ideal for shorter trips
    • Requires a CDL to operate
    • Fewer amenities, but very affordable

Regardless of which option is right for your team building event, Master’s Transportation is the clear choice for all of your commercial transportation rental needs.

shuttle bus for team building events

Team Building Ideas

Because of the popularity of corporate team building events, there are a huge number of options available. The best events offer clear goals and work to get employees out of their comfort zones. Some of the most popular team building events include:

Escape Rooms

Solving common problems in a collaborative way is the key to escape rooms. They are excellent opportunities to encourage your employees to think outside of the box.

Outdoor Adventures

Exciting outdoor adventure events, like AdVenture Games in Dallas, allow your employees to build interpersonal skills and promote critical thinking in a fun outdoor environment. Outdoor games are a fantastic way to build the team spirit that your group needs.


When your team attends a conference together, they have the opportunity to share common experiences and solve shared problems. 

Cooperative Games and Activities

The best team building activities offer an environment in which your employees can learn to work together, all while bonding and having fun. Team Bonding in Washington, D.C., provides just that. Their City Build program lets teams cooperate to design and build a miniature city out of everyday materials. 

employees enjoying an outdoor adventure together

Arrange a Team Building Bus Rental through Master’s Transportation

When your employees ride together, it can turn your team building event into one that they will never forget. If you are looking for team building bus rentals, contact Master’s Transportation today. Our friendly staff is ready to help you plan your transportation for your next event.