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Master’s Transportation is a multiple GSA contract holder for shuttle buses, mobility mini-vans, and specialty vehicles.  Our contracts include vehicle lease, vehicle purchase and vehicle rentals.

The following are the contracts we have been awarded:

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Specialty Vehicles              

Long Term Lease Vehicles  

Transit Side Lift  Van       

New Vehicle Purchase

School Buses 

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SIN 190-03, 190-05

SIN 270- 112

SIN 282.3 

SIN 241, 241N, 242, 242N, 243, 246, 260, 263, 341, 341N, 342, 342N, 343, 346, 360, 363
SIN 202C, 301C, 302C, 304C

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Master's bus rentals available from GSA - please contact Doug Burkard for more details at 800-783-3613.

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Please contact Bob Tucker for any questions related to Government Contract Sales:

Cell:          913-486-8282                                
Toll Free:  800-783-3613                                

Contract GS 30F 0014W Floor Plans

Contract GS 30F 0014W Terms and Conditions